Employee Transportation

iAlpha is the most reputable provider of Staff Transpotation. Highly ethical and transparent striving to save effort and costs for the company while giving them complete peace of mind. We have robust technology for the back-end process including governance data and reporting. iAlpha had a large experience by providing transport services for major airlines across various locations in India by providing transport services for their Employee transfers, Cabin Crew, Doctors and other ground staff movements.
Experienced supervision consultants, seasoned analysts, researchers, and industry officials harness their expertise to uncover important opportunities and support sound business judgment making with highly tactical, actionable business strategies.

Why Choose us?

As a corporate we understand that travel is an important part of your organization and it impacts productivity to a large extent. iAlpha offers the most comprehensive solutions for travel and transport:

  • Employee safety – Real time tracking, Safety alerts
  • Employee’ experience – Live ETA’s, Trip alteration features.
  • Operational efficiency – Auto routing & Cab utilization
  • Governance and Compliance – Complete vendor management
  • Invoicing and Reporting – Paperless operations with accurate billing
  • Safety and security during commute, especially for woman employee

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